The best way to build your LinkedIn profile Remember the old saying: Jack of all trades, master of none?


I am sure you have many times encountered people around you being asked about what they can do, and they respond with: “you name it, and I’ll do it.”


Whether they are Carpenters, Engineers, or Freelancers, you rarely see in Lebanon a skilled person specializing in one job.


Without getting into the reasons why, as it is beyond the objective of this article, I will dive deep into how you can build an awesome LinkedIn profile, away from being a jack of all trades, yet master of one! Going back to the online world, LinkedIn in particular, how many professionals you see stating more than one speciality in their headlines or in their skills section? The examples are numerous.


Let’s put all of this behind our backs and start mastering one skill that lands us a job or an opportunity.


Here are 11 tips to follow that would help you supercharge your LinkedIn profile to have one superpower or skill.

1/ Identify one specialty you feel comfortable writing books about.

2/ Identify one type of audience who would be interested in reading the content you write.

3/ Identify one problem your audience is having, whether with the industry as a whole, a specific market, or your company’s products and services.

4/ Write down all the solutions you can provide to your target audience.

5/ Break these solutions into bite-sized LinkedIn posts to share on a regular basis (preferably daily).

6/ Share 10-30 different posts.

7/ Write a sales letter that introduces your target audience to your solutions to be fired to them when you connect with them.

8/ Start searching LinkedIn, identifying and connecting with your target audience.

9/ Once they accept your invitation to connect, fire the letter above to them and ask them to tell you what they think of your solutions.

10/ Try hooking them up to a daily newsletter, by asking them to subscribe to your email shots (you need to transform your above posts into emailers using a tool such as Mailchimp).

11/ Do not ask for a job or an opportunity, wait till your target audience approaches you for an opportunity, and they will do within 30-90 days, trust me. Have you started already with the above steps? What are you waiting for?


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