Why housing cooperatives


Building at cost price with many fiscal exemptions reduces the price by 50 %. The benefits of creating a strong housing cooperative sector are as follows:

  1. Expatriates would have more stimuli to come back and settle in Lebanon
  2. All workers and labor will be Lebanese which will boost employment and revenue creation for poor families
  3. People with limited income (1000$ to 2000$) could afford buying an apartment using this scheme
  4. People with higher income (2000$ to 4500$) would save up to 100 000 $ over 30 years which will be spent on other sectors such as clothing, education, health, entertainment….. and this will boost the economy
  5. The construction materials suppliers will benefit too since that will create more business for them.
  6. Reduction in delinquency and family troubles
  7. Decentralization of housing (since at some villages and peripheral regions the cost will be ridiculously low that people will prefer to settle there).