Breaking Bad News workshop

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DATE: 07 August 2017

Time: 06 pm – 09:30 pm

Location: Jdeideh


Are you professional and ethical when it comes to delivering bad news?

Does it make you uncomfortable that you are the one in charge of breaking bad news to clients, employees, family members or a patient?

Can you handle a difficult conversation with confidence and less damage possible?


The Breaking Bad News training is designed to further enhance the ability to communicate in an effective manner with clients, patients, colleagues, friends and family members when delivering bad or sad news.

The course is interactive, featuring introductory materials, videos, small group activities and large group discussions.

The way bad news is given can have a huge impact on the receiver and they rarely forget a detail.

Participants will leave the workshop with the tools and techniques to prepare for a difficult conversation and ensure that they are supporting patients and relatives through a stressful time in their lives.

The course is offered to HR managers, Sales professionals, customer service staff, healthcare providers, police officers, NGO members, and persons of all backgrounds.


Course Outlines
Have an understanding of the definition of bad news
Have an awareness of the impact of bad news
Be able to prepare for giving bad news
Have SPIKES” and “ABCDE” techniques to give bad news with compassion and kindness
Understand the barriers to effective communication
Have practiced giving bad news using scenarios


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Trainer’s Profile
Ali El Attar is a clinical psychologist with a Master degree in Clinical Psychology and has completed three post-master degrees in psychotherapy to earn the qualifications and eligibility of psychotherapist, in TABYEEN Center-Beirut; in analytic and systemic approach, with IEFSH- Brussels (Family and Human Systems Studies Institute) in couples, families and institutional systems approach, and in Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) with Colombia University, NY.

Alongside his academic background, Ali is widely experienced in the field of psychotherapy, counseling, and training in mental health and psycho-social support at local and international organizations, working with groups of different nationalities.
He has also worked with survivors of gender based violence, delivered capacity building training, supervised and leaded staff who work with gender based violence survivors.