Lie detection workshop by Jonathan Choufany


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Product Description

DATE: 16-17-18 August
Time: 10 am – 03 pm or 04 pm – 9 pm
Location: Jdeideh


Lies can hurt you and your business. Avoid them at any cost.

Certified body language master, micro expression trainer Jonathan Choufany will teach you how to be a human lie detector and will get you certified by the “Whetstone Security Group – USA”


Who should attend?
• Hiring managers & interviewers
• Project managers & negotiators
• Business owners
• Lawyers
• Procurement managers

• Psychologists & social workers

• Police officers


What you will learn?
• How to spot lies in business, social situations and networking
• How to read people
• How to uncover hidden emotions
• How to build honest relationships and communications

You’ll learn more than 100+ deceptive signs using many disciplines such as:
1- Body Language
2- Facial Micro Expressions
3- Statement Analysis
4- Voice Tone
5- Interrogation Skills


Studies have shown that, on average, we are exposed to 10-200 lies on a daily basis
BLAST™ is the most accurate and easiest way to discover deception.


Ticket price: 280$ including Course Book and Certificate of Attendance from “HUMANS DECODED”
Exam Fee: 40$
Early bird Price 250 $
Group Price: 250 $ (group of 3 & more)


Training Methods and Techniques
Interactive training that includes role play, visuals, live exercises and demonstrations.


Trainer’s Biography
As a Body Language master, Jonathan Choufany has trained dozens of leaders on how to project more power with less words, build better rapport and assess truthfulness and credibility using the powerful skills of non-verbal communications.
Jonathan is also a certified “BLAST® Deception Expert”, a certified Instructor in deception detection and a company representative for “Whetstone Security Group(USA)” in Lebanon.
He also provides emotional transformation using the “Emotional Management Method®” taught by Patryk and Kasia Wezowski in the “Center For Body Language”.
He teaches presentation power using the “Body Language code for success” for better interaction and public speaking.



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